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Issue # and Date corrected because previous labeling incorrect 11/11/05

Volume 7 Issue 10               October 2005



Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Things of Import for Our Members







Our Dakota Festival & Highland Games lost money this year.  Although the music and games were wonderful, attendance was just not high enough.  Members received a separate postal mailing on this topic and additional information can be found later in this newsletter.  If you can, participate in & volunteer for the Rummage Sale fundraiser mentioned below.


We lost a dear friend and long-time member of our Society on October 6, 2005.  Bob Goldey passed away after a long illness.  He was a charter member of the Society and served as our Treasurer from day 1 until his illness didn’t allow him to anymore.  Several members of the Society represented the Society at his funeral in full Celtic dress per his request.


The Society is getting back to its roots of having FUN and learning about our history.

We have 3 wonderful programs planned for the next 3 months. Refer to Upcoming Events below.

Don’t miss out of the fun!  Plan on attending the next membership meeting on October 20th.  ALSO, a Celtic celebration and dance community event is being planned for November 18 – check ‘Upcoming Events’ below for details.


Start collecting items NOW!  Sally Knight is in charge of this event.  She encourages folks to bring their stuff to Sally’s house.  Please make sure to price them.  We will be looking for volunteers.  Craft/bazaar items are welcome.  Date will be announced later.

For questions or to volunteer, call Sally, 343-2884.




     S.I.S. LIBRARY:  

We’ve found the majority of our Library of books, CD’s and videos.  We’re still missing some items, please return any items at our next S.I.S. meeting.  If anyone has turned in any materials to the Black Hills Celtic Shop, please let us know what the title was and we will retrieve it.


Nominations for officers for the board for the 2006 calendar year will be taken from the floor at the membership meeting for the next couple of meetings.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get involved!



Upcoming Events



October 20

7:00 p.m.

General membership Meeting, TREA* Building, Rapid City

Program:  History of Celtic Halloween – Sally Knight

October 22

To be announced

Rummage Sale

November 3

7:00 p.m.

Board Meeting, TREA* Building, Rapid City

November 17

7:00 p.m.

General membership Meeting, TREA* Building, Rapid City;  Program:  Travel tips, hints, & ideas for visiting Ireland, Scotland & Wales

November 18

7:00 p.m.

Martin Mass (St Martin of Tours) Celtic Celebration (Ceilidh & Dance); $7 per person or $10 per couple; Location TBA; call the Dahl

center for details.

December 15

7:00 p.m.

General membership Meeting, TREA* Building, Rapid City;  Program:  Tips on how to dress Celtic


To be announced

Hogmanay (Scottish New Year)

December 31

Civic Center

Celtic New Years Celebration and Ceilidh after Symphony

January 28

To be announced

Robert Burns Dinner, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Rapid City

March 18

To be announced

St Patrick’s Day Dinner, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Rapid City

*TREA = The Retired Enlisted Association building, 1981 East Centre Street



Message from the S.I.S. Board:



It has come to our attention that several incidents have been taking place which have been a source of concern and division amongst our membership. Specifically, we realize that there has been an ongoing dispute over some circumstances arising during the St. Patrick’s Day party.

The goal of the Society is for members and families to have fun while learning about our Celtic heritage. These kinds of incidents, disputes, and resulting conflicts have no place in our organization or any of its functions. As members of the board we do not wish to become a police, judge and jury for the general membership. It is the board’s position that these conflicts and disputes which have happened in the past are of a personal nature and are to be resolved by the individuals involved.

The board is drafting a policy to address acceptable behavior by members and guests at Society activities. This policy will be brought to the membership before the end of 2005.

We are disappointed these conflicts have taken place and we, as a board, plan to move forward so that future conflicts can be avoided or resolved appropriately. We are hopeful that you will be supportive of the board’s position and you will continue to be an active member of the Scottish and Irish Society.


Top 7 Fund Raising Ideas ACTION ITEMS to move on A.S.A.P.:




The General Meeting 9/15/05 membership brainstormed on fund raising ideas

and these were earmarked for immediate attention:





Upcoming Program Topics from 9/15/05 General Meeting Brainstorming



Goal:  Keep FUN in our programs and activities!

Celtic History




Watch for future installments from our very own Carole Conrad





Scottish & Irish Society
Minutes of the General Meeting, September 15, 2005




Meeting was called to order by Bill Bom, President:


1. Treasurer’s report of Festival:       $6,295 generated                                                      

                                                          $15,033 cost

                                                          $5,729 remaining

                                                          $1,100 in SIS account

                                                          $700 approx. in food sales to be paid to SIS

*approx $3,000 paid out in last year’s bills not paid by former president after last year’s festival.  This was paid from SIS account prior 2005 Festival.

2. Fund Raising Ideas were the focus of the first half of the meeting which will be presented to members.

Included will be an increase in cost for SIS membership. Currently we will have a raffle, rummage sale, and use eBay to sell castle prints. Jim Erickson states he will do any castle upon request. He just needs a photo.

3. Robert Millican presented the construction of our new web site for approval, and approval was


4. A central location to buy tickets for events is needed. Possibility of using web site was proposed.

5. Bill Bom plans to contact the Celtic society in Sturgis in hopes of merging with them for events, etc.

6. The latter half of the meeting was used for brainstorming programs aimed at Celtic education, genealogy,

and fun things to do.

7. Introduction of new member: Larry Schmall.

8. Discussed making a booklet with web sites that are good places to shop for Celtic attire.  Along with

booklet would be proper dress.                  


Respectfully Submitted by Sally Knight


Scottish & Irish Society
Board of Directors Meeting, September 8, 2005





The festival report at this time is showing a loss of approximately $2,600. The Board has suggested we start thinking of fund raisers to be voted on at the general meeting. Also to be considered is a vote to have a festival next year or not. Decision will be made at a later time.


Due to lack of attendance in previous years, there will not be a Tartan Ball.


Karen Snook has resigned as writer for the Newsletter. Pat Hamilton has accepted the position.


Respectfully Submitted by Sally Knight, Acting Secretary


Scottish & Irish Society
Board of Directors Meeting, October 13, 2005




Meeting was called to order by Bill Bom, president. Gary Hamilton reported that the outcome of several phone calls to members indicated that there was a division of members due to events that transpired at the St Patrick’s Day event. It was decided that a letter be written for the newsletter outlining some facts and advising the membership of S.I.S.’s reaction & plan. 


Our intention is to retain members and grow our reputation, in a positive upbeat manner. This letter will also be sent to the Celtic community: vendors, Pipe bands, musicians and athletes.


Also discussed:  A Scottish jumble at the Episcopal church. Date is tentatively set for Nov 19. Sally will call and hopefully confirm.  Respectfully Submitted by Sally Knight, Acting Secretary



Additional Membership Fund Raising Ideas from 9/15/05 General Meeting




Brainstormed ideas for raising money:



Additional Membership Program Ideas from 9/15/05 General Meeting




Program ideas brainstormed for General S.I.S. meetings:






Visibility, Membership recruitment & event brainstorming ideas:




Visibility & Membership recruitment brainstorming ideas:


Major possible new event ideas:


Officers and Board Members




President          Bill Bom, 605-399-7203

Vice President  Bill Knight

Secretary          Sally Knight

Treasurer          Carole Conrad

Board Members

Gary Hamilton, Midge Schmidt, John Salyers, Aliyah Sanders, & one-open-position

Membership     Open

Web Site          Robert Millican & Pat Hamilton

Newsletter        Pat Hamilton, path@rushmore.com

If you would like to contribute an article or story, list an event, submit a photo, etc. to the newsletter, please email the item to me by the 5th of each month.